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Stories of Recovery

Tyler’s Story

Hi! My name is Tyler, and I am in long term recovery from alcoholism and addiction. This is a significantly shortened rendition of this wild ride I like to call life. But before we get into all of that, let’s start at the top. I grew up in two loving households...

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Andrea’s Story

Five years ago I decided it was time to find recovery and take my life back. Five years ago today I took what money I had and used it for gas instead of dope like I originally planned to do. I drove 2.5 hours away from where I was quickly dying. It sure wasn’t...

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Annie’s Story

My birth mother was only 16 when she found out she was pregnant so she had me and gave me up for adoption. I was adopted into an Irish Catholic family in Toronto where both my parents were alcoholics. It was an unpredictable, chaotic and dysfunctional home. There was...

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Tania’s Story

I am a mother, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, and a proud living example that recovery from addiction is possible. My name is Tania, and I am grateful to be in recovery from alcoholism. Only 11 short years ago, I was too ill to hold a job, or have any meaningful...

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Doug’s Story

Hi, my name is Doug, and I am a person in recovery. This is my story. When I was 19, I got engaged, and shortly after she became pregnant. She broke off the engagement before the child was born and this absolutely crushed me. Over the next couple of months, out of...

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Father’s Day

There are a few dates that are engrained in my mind - friends and family members birthdays, my sober date, the day I got engaged, and Father’s Day 2015. It’s a bit ironic since I don’t remember much from that year, or the seven years prior. I grew up...

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The Dreamer

Written By: Rich Clune When I was a young boy, I was a dreamer. I wanted to be an NHL hockey player, a doctor, a lawyer, an actor, a father, and finally - live in a castle. My imagination ran wild, and my parents — in particular my mother, Anne Marie...

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