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Why we are unique

We are a Voice for Families

Big Alcohol, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco and Big Cannabis push our governments for the least amount of regulations on their products. That increases harm to our families.

At Families for Addiction Recovery, we push for the strict regulation of addictive substances in accordance with their relative harm. We protect our families.

We also advocate for:

  • the elimination of barriers to publicly-funded, timely, compassionate, evidence-based treatment:
    • health care funding for addiction and mental health equal to the burden of the disease
    • better education for ER and family physicians about addiction and treatment
    • more addiction medicine specialists
  • a public health approach to drugs so those struggling with addiction get treatment, not a criminal record

We address all forms of addiction to substances across Canada

We care about all forms of problematic substance use. We recognize that the opioid overdose epidemic is a public health emergency. We also recognize that alcohol and tobacco cause the greatest amount of harm to our families. 

We focus on families

We provide one-on-one support to parents whose kids are struggling with addiction. We don’t judge — we know what that feels like. Helping the family can be the best way to help the child. 

We have lived experience

We are families helping families. We celebrate recovery and encourage those in recovery and their families to shed their anonymity and recover out loud. This provides hope and role models for those in active addiction and their families. 

We are a volunteer-run charity

FAR is run by volunteers, we have no paid employees. We are a cost-effective way to direct your donation to improve outcomes for people struggling with addiction and their families

We Can Help

Families for Addiction Recovery supports parents/caregivers of children struggling with addiction (regardless of age)