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We are families helping families

Families for Addiction Recovery is a national charity founded by parents of children who have struggled with addiction from their teens. Our goal is long term recovery for those with addiction and their families.

  • We offer parent-to-parent support for families struggling with addiction.
  • We are a voice for families to influence government policy.
  • We educate community groups, health care providers and law enforcement about addiction, health laws and drug policies.
Addiction is not easy to talk about or deal with. Most people struggling with addiction never receive treatment. For those who do, it is often only after they have hit rock bottom. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We know treating addiction can be effective, compassionate and saves taxpayers money. Public policy has to catch up with science and evidence. Families need to work together to end stigma and to make sure we get our fair share of health care funding. Let’s not let ignorance and prejudice continue to kill our loved ones.

Parent-to-Parent Support

Free, one on one parent support by phone. Our parent supporters will lend an understanding ear and speak with you about resources and coping skills to help both you and your child.

Online Parent Support Groups

Our New Online Parent Support Groups provide a safe space where parents can discuss practical strategies, find support and share resources and information that worked for them.

In The News

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Your donation helps us support families affected by addiction and protect addicted youth and adults.

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