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Patient/Person and Family-Centred Care

PFCC is part of improving the quality of healthcare patients receive. It recognizes that patients and their families are essential allies to improve the quality of care, safety and outcomes. 

Partnerships with family are even more important when it comes to substance use disorders and other mental health conditions due to the affect of their conditions on decision making.  A family member who is acting as a caregiver is often the default case manager and advocate for their loved one with important information to contribute so the health care team has a more comprehensive picture leading to an improved treatment plan. While great strides are being made in this area, we still have a long way to go.

FAR presented a Webinar on Family-Centred Care and how it can be improved at the 2020 META:PHI Conference. 


 The Beryl Institute – Guide Book – We are not visitors: Working together with family caregivers and care partnersA guide for providers, care partners, policy makers, and researchers


We Can Help

Families for Addiction Recovery supports parents/caregivers of children struggling with addiction (regardless of age)