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Why We Need Change

» Why We Need Change

God why me?

By: Joanne Helm On a very cold day this year, I came home from work, sat on my bed with tears in my eyes, and asked God: why me? Believe it or not a voice in my head boomed out:  why not you Joanne? Like many of you, I took my child’s mental illness, his self-medicating,…

» Why We Need Change

My Journey with My Son

By: A Toronto Mother We started noticing a change in our son at 14.  The checkboxes for mental health red flags we are instructed to look for in our children were all there: School refusal? Check. Self-isolation? Check. Excessive sleeping? Check. Decline in academic performance? Check.  Weight loss? Check.  Expressions of hopelessness or worthlessness? Check. …

» Why We Need Change

The Case for Common Sense

By: Kathryn Eve When I was a teen, I developed a real problem with alcohol and drugs right out of the gate. My experience with addiction was fast and furious. It quickly went from being fun to just problems. Of course, I didn’t see my substance use that way. I saw it as a normal…

» Why We Need Change

A Funeral March for Change

By: Angie Hamilton, Executive Director, Families for Addiction Recovery Angie Hamilton (left) and Irene Reilly-Paterson (right) It’s April 16 – the National Day of Action on the Overdose Crisis 2019. On arriving at Queen’s Park, I’m offered a tombstone to carry. “Ryan Klein ‘Batman’ strong individual, loved cars, always down to party.” When I hesitate to…

» Why We Need Change

A Failure of Caring; My Son’s Death

Addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease that kills thousands of people yearly. Our son, Ian Maude, died of this disease at 32. Ian died because despite the loss of life and huge societal costs of this disease, it is not taught in our medical schools. He died because his uneducated doctor provided him with…