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Why We Need Change

» Why We Need Change

A Failure of Caring; My Son’s Death

Addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease that kills thousands of people yearly. Our son, Ian Maude, died of this disease at 32. Ian died because despite the loss of life and huge societal costs of this disease, it is not taught in our medical schools. He died because his uneducated doctor provided him with…

» Why We Need Change

Our Journey with Myles

Myles was an intelligent, talented and caring young person. He loved learning and was an honor roll student. He was an active member in his school’s jazz band, concert band and choir, as well as being involved in many other extra-curricular activities. He loved his friends and family and was admired by teachers and other…

» Why We Need Change

Our Journey With Matthew

At the age of 12, our son Matthew was diagnosed with depression. He was suffering from suicidal thoughts and was admitted on more than one occasion to the adolescent psychiatric ward. Matthew was prescribed different medications for his depression. In addition to depression, he started becoming very defiant to the point that he was expelled…

» Why We Need Change

Our Journey with Chloe

Chloe, our daughter, is 17. Chloe has been suffering with depression and anxiety for the last 7 years.

» Why We Need Change

Twenty-One Year Old Writes Minister Philpott; Asks for Action to Save Peers

August, 2016 Dear Minister Philpott, I know the odds of you actually reading this letter are slim but it’s worth a try. Not for me, but for the countless teenagers and families of adults across the province of Ontario. As a general practitioner, I’m quite certain you have been exposed to many youths and adults…