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30% of Canadians say they are personally impacted by addiction.  Imagine a time when all Canadians with addiction are treated the same as patients with a physical illness.

You can help a family struggling with addiction.  As one of the few registered charities in Canada focusing on families affected by addiction, we advocate for:

  • the elimination of barriers to publicly-funded, timely, compassionate, evidence-based treatment
  • health care funding for addiction and mental health equal to the burden of the disease
  • better education for emergency department and family physicians about addiction and treatment
  • more addiction medicine specialists
  • a public health approach to drugs and addiction so those struggling with addiction get treatment and support instead of a criminal record
  • the strict regulation of addictive substances in accordance with their relative harms in order to protect our families.

See the difference you can make for families with teenagers and young adults struggling with addiction:

  • $135 provides one-on-one support to one parent for two months
  • $1,000 produces an educational video to educate families
  • $2,000 allows us to sponsor recovery events in the community
  • $11,000 funds research on what happens to families while kids wait for treatment
  • $15,000 puts a pocket guide on how to treat alcohol addiction in to the hands of the 35,000 family physicians in Canada.

We are a volunteer-run charity.  We have no paid employees.

Thank you.

Donate Online via

You can make a one-time donation or arrange for monthly donations online. You can also donate securities and mutual funds, which can be the most tax efficient way to give. You may also designate that your donation is honour of, or in memory of, a loved one.