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What we are doing to change public policy

Federal Public Policy

» Federal, Public Policy

Policy Brief: CSAM in Support of the Decriminalization of Drug Use and Possession for Personal Use

» FAR News, Federal

FAR Calls for Decriminalization of Drug Possession to Protect Youth Using Substances

» Federal, Public Policy

FAR requests the federal government mandate information and warning labels on alcohol products in Canada

» Federal, Public Policy

Open Letter to Liberal MPs: Decriminalization Of Drug Possession To Protect Youth Using Substances

» FAR News, Federal, Public Policy

FAR Deputation to The Toronto Board of Health: Toronto Overdose Action Plan

Provincial Public Policy

» Provincial, Public Policy

Toronto Board of Health Deputation Nov. 16, 2020

» Provincial, Public Policy

July 16, 2018 Toronto Board of Health Presentation on a public health approach to drug policy

» Provincial, Public Policy

Requests of the Ontario Provincial Government

» Provincial, Public Policy

Ontario Cannabis Secretariat Meeting Notes

» Federal, Provincial, Public Policy

Overdose Prevention Education in Schools