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Our Impact


  • Successfully advocated for two drugs to treat alcoholism, Naltrexone and Campral, to be added to the Ontario Drug Benefits Formulary
  • Met with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne who later announced funding for treatment beds for addicted youth as requested
  • Presented at the Canadian Nurses Association Cannabis Think Tank Conference
  • Began high school presentations to parents, staff and youth 
  • Participated in MP Rob Oliphant’s Round Tableon protecting addicted youth, including those not seeking treatment 
  • Made multiple submissions (transformation of the criminal justice system; cannabis packaging and labelling; sweetened alcohol beverages) 
  • Wrote to all federal Liberal MPs requesting support for resolutions at their national convention to:  
    • include mental health in Medicare and 
    • take a public health approach to drugs and addiction (not a criminal justice approach) 
  • Participated in Health Canada Stakeholder Conference on sweetened alcohol beverages 
  • Presenting at the Recovery Capital Conference, Toronto in September, 2018 on protecting addicted youth 


  • Launched website for families 
  • Launched Parent-to-Parent (P2P) Support Program 
  • Sponsored and presented at Recovery Day in Toronto and Ottawa 
  • After we met with MP Rob Oliphant, he agreed to hold a Round Table on how to protect addicted youth, including those not seeking treatment 
  • Made multiple submissions to improve the regulation of alcohol and cannabis and on The Good Samaritan Act  
  • Appeared before the Ontario Standing Committee on Policy 


  • Incorporation and charitable registration 
  • Prepared a submission to, and appeared before, the federal Legalization of Marijuana Task Force