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Why We Need Change

» Why We Need Change

Our Journey with Chloe

Chloe, our daughter, is 17. Chloe has been suffering with depression and anxiety for the last 7 years.

» Why We Need Change

Twenty-One Year Old Writes Minister Philpott; Asks for Action to Save Peers

August, 2016 Dear Minister Philpott, I know the odds of you actually reading this letter are slim but it’s worth a try. Not for me, but for the countless teenagers and families of adults across the province of Ontario. As a general practitioner, I’m quite certain you have been exposed to many youths and adults…

» Why We Need Change

My Son Todd’s Last Days

By: Donna White My son Todd became addicted to OxyContin a few years ago after a break up, when he was severely depressed. After the formula was changed to make OxyContin tamper proof he became addicted to fentanyl. Fentanyl is very expensive and he started stealing to support his habit. On December 8, 2013 he…