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Families for Addiction Recovery (FAR) is a grassroots Canadian registered charity dedicated to supporting families and protecting persons, particularly teenagers and young adults, struggling with substance use disorder (SUD).

Founded out of the lived experience of parents of children who have struggled with addiction, FAR aims to change the face of addiction by advocating for publicly-funded, timely, compassionate, evidence-based treatment, reducing harms, supporting research and working to end stigma.

Our vision is long-term recovery for all Canadians with substance use disorder and their families.

In working to instill hope and resilience in our families and to end stigma, FAR is guided by our beliefs:

  • SUD requires a public health not a criminal justice approach.
  • Persons with SUD are entitled to publicly-funded, timely, compassionate, evidence-based treatment and policies and practices that will reduce the harms of drug use.
  • Stigma is a significant barrier to the treatment of SUD.
  • Significantly more resources should be used to reduce the demand for drugs through prevention, education and treatment than are used to reduce the supply of drugs (the “war on drugs”).
  • Harm reduction saves lives.
  • People with SUD and their families should be involved in the development of drug policies and best practices, standards of care and guidelines for treatment.
  • Best practices need to be developed for the treatment of teenagers and young adults with SUD who are not motivated to seek treatment.
  • Family involvement and support is important during active addiction, treatment and recovery.