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Andrea Kusters

Andrea has worked in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years and is President of her own company.  She leaves the daily operations to the management team, while continuing to focus on the changing requirements and challenges facing manufacturers.   Substance use disorder has affected many of Andrea’s spouse’s family and subsequently her own, contributing to untimely passing.

Andrea and her husband started Toronto GRASP, Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing, a peer to peer community support group. Their leadership role helps them to combat their own struggles with the devastation that substance use disorder wreaks upon families, while providing a supportive environment to many others who are in the early stages of dealing with their loss, meeting an important need in the GTA.

Representing GRASP, Andrea sits on the Toronto Public Health, Toronto Drug Strategy Panel.  Her involvement with FAR is driven by the urgent need to provide support services to both those struggling with substance use, and their families.